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Tenth Anniversary!

Samba Squad 10th Anniversary

SAMBA SQUAD celebrated its 10th anniversary with an exhilarating percussive explosion at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Co-presented by Lula World Festival, this was the closing concert of the 7th Annual Music Festival.

Special guests included beat boxer AKASubliminal, tap dancer Shawn Byfield; singers Alberto Alberto, Eliana Cuevas, Laura Mae Lindo, and Aline Morales; dancers Melissa Noventa, Matumbo Rainos, and Adrianna Yanuziella’s Dance Migration; Ben Grossman on hurdy-gurdy, Gord Sheard on accordian and vocals, Jeremy Ledbetter on keys, Wagner Petrelli on guitar.

Samba Squad’s original founding members who played: Co-founder Janet “Slamdog” McClelland, Tony Pierre, Trevor Yearwood, Lyba Spring.

Long-time members:
Linda Brown, Layah Davis, Desiree Marshall, Gili Gurvitz, Jonas Spring, Danielle Lafond, Greg Meleca, David Figliano, Sue and Tracy Ashton,  Jordan Armstrong,  Jonathan Alderson, Curtis Lambert and Victor Rebelo.