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Samba Squad Join-Up Workshops

Samba Squad Join-up Workshops 2018

Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself: A fun loving group of drum crazy groove addicts?

Time to kick off 2018 by coming to Samba Squad’s 2018 Join-up Workshop series. Start now and get ready so you can be part of our summer concert program. You could participate in all the events we do, from street fairs to summer music festivals.

Workshops start Sunday, Jan.7, 2018, at 360 Geary Ave. at 11:30 am in a wonderful 5000 sq.ft. rehearsal space. Rehearsals are led by Samba Squad Artistic Director Rick Shadrach Lazar; assisted by long-time member Chico Pacheco.

Workshop Structure

The first 90 minutes consist of instruction on rhythms played by Samba Squad.

At 1:00 pm Samba Squad members arrive and workshop participants can rehearse with the regular group for another 30-60 minutes.

Although you might be swamped with info, we have found that this accelerates the learning curve.

You will learn rhythms, movements to the rhythms and songs. Samba Squad plays a variety of rhythms from the north and south of Brazil, as well as rhythms created by the African diaspora,
from Salsa to Samba.

People learn at different speeds and people are moved up accordingly: Beginner, intermediate and advanced. It’s similar to belts in capoeira or karate.

You are officially in the group when you can be counted on to perform the repertoire.

Workshop Price: $15 per class or ten classes for $120.00.

Contact us for more info & to join up: Email: