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Samba Kidz

Find Your Groove At SAMBA KIDZ

Rick Lazar with Sambakidz

Rick Lazar with Sambakidz

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Ages: 7 to 13
Location: Drum Artz Community Centre
27 Primrose Avenue (Dupont & Dufferin)

Young artists will open their minds to the artz and discover their own strengths and creativity through Music, Drama, Art, and Stage Production.

SAMBA KIDZ helps young artists develop their self-esteem and give them a sense of accomplishment in a non-competitive and supportive, artistic community.

MUSIC: Workshops are led by Rick Shadrach Lazar, creator and artistic director of SAMBA SQUAD, young artists learn a variety of samba-based West African, Carribbean and Afro-Cuban styles of Carnival rhythms.

ART & DRAMA: Workshops are led by Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, creative directors of the annual Kensington Festival of Lights, young artists discover self-expression through story writing, storytelling and dance and explore their creativity by designing costumes, propping and stage prodution.

FINAL PERFORMANCE: Young artists work together to display their strengths and skills with a final performance for family and friends to enjoy. As a group young artists will have created “a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.”

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? At SAMBA KIDZ we go “behind the curtain” to explore rhythms, creativity and self-expression. Working together, young artists perticipate in all aspects of their final performance.

WHAT WILL YOU EXPERIENCE? We provide an environment for self-expression and exploring individual strengths, demonstrating the importance of process, practice, and the value of team work. “We cater to the special needs of all children by fostering and encouraging young artists to explore their needs.”

STAFF: Our staff includes professional artists, qualified schoolteachers, and social workers with first-aid training as well as hands-on experience leading music, dance, art and theatre workshops for children.

For more information call: 416-538-6342 or email: